Sustainable dancefloor creates energy

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-04-29 08:47:58 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The more people dance the more levels of light come on and at concentrations the color changes, inviting people to dance more. Energy is used for lighting the floor and DJ.

Sustainable dancefloor

I visited a lecture of Daan Roosengaarde in Shanghai, he was showing his interactive art/products which are, very often also sustainable. Above all they are lot’s of fun and intriguing. Studio Roosegaarde developed for the Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam, The Netherlands a dancefloor that generates energy.

SUSTAINABLE DANCE FLOOR is an interactive floor which generates electricity through the act of dancing. The first dance floor created by Studio Roosegaarde uses mechanisms and embedded technologies to harvest energy.

Via interactive technologies a sensual and interactive environment is created in which dancers are engaged with the sustainable experience. The more energetic the dance the more energy created and lightlevels on. The color of the floor changes with the concentration of dancers.

2008. Modular system, length 65 cm, width 65 cm, height 30 cm. Sustainable materials, energy harvesting mechanism, software and embedded electronics. Produces up to 25 Watts per module. Installed in Club WATT, Rotterdam, NL.

Designer: Studio Roosegaarde
Manufacturer: Studio Roosegaarde
Category: Renewable energy


The mechanisme
The sustainable dance club
Sustainable dancefloor
The mechanisme
by Studio Roosegaarde

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