Frequently Asked Questions


Can I write and submit an article?

Every member can write and submit an article. Go to either ‘Product’, ‘Material’ or ‘Case Studies’ depending on the topic you like to write about. Right from the most recent publication you find ‘create new Product/material/case study’. Click on the link and start writing and add a picture to support the story. If you save it is still a draft version till you submit it via the link on the top right hand corner. Your submitted text will be edited and publicized which usually takes less then 48 hours.

What do I need to do to become a member?

You go to the right hand corner of the page and click on ‘sign up’ and follow the instructions. You will receive an email with your login instructions and you are ready to roll.

Why do I need to become a member to write articles or perform my LCA’s?

We trust people we know more than strangers. You can trust other members. Most members are members of the design community as you likely are. You can share your experience with them by sharing you examples of good design and/or knowledge. If people mesh up and send in crap or advertisements we can exclude them.
LCA’s can take up lot’s of space, we need to pay for. We don’t mind as long as it is used for the greater good and makes the world a better place so we only like members to use it.

I have interesting material on tools, how to I get this published on the site?

We are delighted with contributions like this! Send Mirjam an email <> with your material and she make, together with you, sure it ends up on the site.

What is the relationship with the LinkedIn group ’

We use the LinkedIn group as a discussion platform and to present the news on D4S. You need to sign up separately for this platform and the LinkedIn group!