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Eco-cost is a single Life Cycle Analysis-based monetary indicator for environmental burden. It is based on the concept of “marginal prevention costs” e.g. costs required to bring back the environmental burden to a sustainable level, by either end of pipe measures or by system integrated solutions.

This single indicator is the sum of the marginal prevention costs of:

Look-up materials, processes, cost of use etcetera in our ecocost search tool. Find out more on the definition and calculation of eco-cost on Joost VogtlÃĪnder’s website here Download the most recent spreadsheet with eco-cost data of various materials and processes here. The data can also be browsed by means of the IdematApp which is available in both iOs and Android.

Life cycle analysis

Under this tool you can build life cycles for different products. From scratch but after creating a baseline you can copy it and replace materials, components, transportation means or their weigh etcetera. Note that the data comes from the ecocost database and thus is from cradle to gate. So if you need to be precise you need to include the transportation from material producing plant gate to your (suppliers) production gate and so on. Results are shown in graphs as well as exportable in excel-format. Be aware of security here. Standard the LCA’s are kept private, you can however decide to publish it and share it with other members. Although we do our best to provide the best information we can not be hold responsible for any results of using our Life Cycle Analysis.


Under process you can find per step in the Design process a lot of different tools to help you achieve a better product. The focus is on Environment but may tools are also usable in a broader field.

More in the future: