Classic shoe with cult status has a natural latex sole

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-19 03:08:12 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Shoes made of ecologically made leather and soles made from natural latex


The “grasshopper” is a classic shoe that has got cult status. Comfortable to wear and walk in. it main characteristics are excellent quality and low-polluting substances.

The leather used is tanned with rhubarb and not coated with a plastic coating as is often the case. This allows the leather to breath and quickly adjust the temperature. Making it warm and supple to the touch but also absorb perspiration and release it again thus preventing heat and moisture build up

The sole is made from the latex from the hevea tree. The milk is daily tapped, about 25-30 cuts make a pair of soles. The latex soles are very comfortable to wear because of their microstructure. This microstructure is obtained during the long drying process of one week after the sole is taken out of the mould: the water contained in the hevea milk drains out, until it has completely evaporated, through thousands of tiny canals that form a capillary microstructure.
All these air cushions give LACTAE HEVEA soles their comfort, their elasticity and their exceptional suppleness.
Thanks to all these air bubbles, LACTAE HEVEA soles are lighter. Their density is about 0.9 g/cm2. (Try dropping them in water – they’ll float!)

But maybe it is time for a new look

Designer: Reinhold Schulz
Manufacturer: Sioux
Category: shoes, eco-leather, natural latex


Hevea latex sole
Sioux shoes

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