Turning jars in kitchen tools

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-04 06:46:14 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Re-use is better than recycling.


It turns out that 75% of jars sold worldwide use the same size lid. For designer Jorre van Ast this simple fact inspired the clever Jar Tops.
These functional screw polypropylene caps fit on jars all over the world. Now you can re-use and preserve that memorable mustard jar from Dijon, France or that pickle Jar from Poland. Build your own personal collection. The set of five plastic lids transform your empty jars into handy kitchen tools. Instantly create a sugar shaker, a milk jug, a chocolate sprinkler, oil or vinegar bottle and a water jug.

Perfect for students or those moving frequently, the Jar Tops offer loads of personality and function that packs up small. Whether you use common everyday jars or special interesting jars you’ve collected, the Jar Tops let you change your servingware whenever you fancy. They always say it’s better to reuse than to recycle, and with these clever lids you can save space too!

Designer: Jorre van Ast
Manufacturer: Royal VKB
Category: re-use
Websites: www.royalvkb.com/productdet.asp?catid=1165


by Royal VKM

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