Switching appliances on/off by remote control at the power source

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-18 09:36:46 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Everyone knows that letting appliances stan on stand-by uses a lot of energy without much benefits. Still most people still have them on stand-by. This tool let you use the remote control to switch the television on like it is stand-by but in reality it s

How it works

You can cut wasted standby power switching off TVs and connected appliances at the power source (and back on again) with your remote control and the use of Savasocket. The multi-plug adaptor/power strip is saving you at least 0.31 compared to using the stand-by option of you appliance . The Energy Savings Trust recommends electrical appliances use no more than 0.5 watt in standby mode Multi-Socket 6 smashes that target down to 0.19 watt.

How does it work?

It cuts wasted standby power by switching off TVs and connected appliances at the power source, and turns them back on again.
Simply controlled by the infrared remote control of the appliance
Four of the sockets are turned on and off with your remote control, the other two sockets are available for equipment that has to be always left on such as recorder, Freeview or Sky+ box for instance. This energy-saving six-way mains adaptor comes with surge protection for all appliances connected.

It saves energy, electricity, CO2 and extend the life of products in the home or office. It extends the life of your products because they are not plugged in 24 hours a day, every day of the year glowing LEDs and circuit boards until they burn out. That’s good products lasting longer not in skips and landfill sites.

The energy-saving multi plug adaptor uses only using 0.19 watts.

It won the Green Awards. It is a pity it isn’t looking a bit better. It needs to be in view after all since the remote needs to reach it

Manufacturer: SAVASOCKET
Category: energy saving
Websites: www.savasocket.com/products/Multi-Socket-6.html


How it works
The looks, ahum
How it works
by Savasocket

Comments by our Users

, over 13 years ago

“I work for SAVASOCKET - thanks for the review. Just wanted to add that the socket will sit behind the TV (out of sight) whilst the red eye sits by at the side of the TV so the remote can see it. Hope that helps.”


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