Spare chair or table for the road

by: Mirjam Visser, 2015-09-21 09:46:11 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: A flexible chair for on the road with low material consumption, recyclable and biodegradable.

Flexible chair on the road

BOOKNITURE can be used in endless ways: it can be a stool, a foot rest, a nightstand, a standing work desk… and many more!BOOKNITURE is also light and portable. Fold it back into a book and take it out everywhere! BOOKNITURE makes sure you can sit anywhere with style and comfort.

What’s more? Stack it up and make a table & chair set; Add a wood board on top of 2 BOOKNITUREs to make it a bench; Stack a few layers more and it becomes a shelf! Possibility with BOOKNITURE is endless. As long as you don’t limit your imagination!

Where did Mike Mak’s imagination come from?: “I love having friends at my place, but have never had enough seats for everyone. My guests and I would always end up just sitting on the floor. I really wanted a kind of seat that doesn’t take up any floor space when I don’t need it. Is that even possible? One day however, the empty space on my bookcase and a honeycomb sample from a furniture fair caught my eyes. Then came the spark of a new idea: BOOKNITURE!”

Designer: Mike Mak
Manufacturer: Mike Mak
Category: Furniture


The chair folded
Flexible chair on the road
The chair folded
by Bookniture

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