Ambient packaging with 80% less material

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-02-15 11:17:24 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 80% less material used, flat after consumption of the content. Easy to open and to use


They remind me of the old milk packs which where little bags and could not hold their shape by themselves after opening. This changed, these stand solo and can be opened without scissors or knifes.

These modern convenient, light and flexible packaging does more than look good, it is also sustainable in the sense of minimal material consumed, minimizing waste. After use the packaging can be made flat as an envelope, thus taking up minimal volume.

It is easy to open, it is light, because it it flexible you can get all its content out.

Ecolean is an aseptic packaging. The food treatment, the filling equipment and the package forms a contamination-free chain where risks are controlled or avoided.
New to the industry is Ecolean’s choice of a non-chemical alternative for package sterilisation, which ensures that food contact surfaces are never exposed to any chemicals. They separated sterilisation from the filling machines, which allows it to be handled under controlled conditions at the packaging plants.

Aseptic packaging is designed to protect liquid food from the source of production all the way to the consumer, with taste and texture as unaffected as possible. Ambient packaging also has a lower environmental impact, since no energy is needed to keep dairy products or other fresh beverages cool during distribution. Likewise, it involves less waste and less product spoilage.

Packaging material

The material of each package is a multi-layer structure that protects the content. This structure, from the outside in, consists of:

1) A strong, durable polypropylene layer with excellent printing properties.

2) A mineral-filled polypropylene layer to provid

Designer: Ecolean group
Manufacturer: Ecolean group
Category: Packaging liquids


Easy and fun
Less waste
Easy and fun
by Ecolean

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