Super Eco washing machine designed for cold washes

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-05-11 18:15:36 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The machine has a washing program for cotton and easycare fabrics that is designed to function with cold actives. Reducing energy consumption with 72-83%. Using on 41 liter of water.

Super eco program

The Aeg-Electrolux super eco washing machine is designed especially to be used with cold active washing powders. Saving energy, water and money while your wash still gets perfectly clean.

The eco washing program for cottons and easycare fabrics can be used without heating the tapwater. This consumes only 0.1kwH instead of the general used 0.55kwH. Energysavings for an easycare compared to a 40 degree Celsius wash amounts to 83% and a 72% saving compared to a 30 degree one.

Further more the machine uses only 41 liter water where other typical use 56 liter or more.

This washing machine further offers a unique wool PLUS programme for precise washing and perfect results each time you wash delicate wool clothes. The machine uses enough water to ensure a gentle wash, and then cools the clothes down carefully before rinsing to prevent shrinkage.

Knew laundry can get so high tech?

Designer: Aeg-Electrolux
Manufacturer: Aeg-Electrolux
Category: Home appliance


Super eco program
Super eco program
by Aeg

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