EPP Expanded PolyPropylen

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-05-13 08:39:11 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Recyclable and 95% air and only 5% material.

Snap chair components

Smooth skinned, EPP exists mainly out of air, only 5% of its volume is actual material. It is completely odour- less, emissionfree, and is 100% recyclable. When EPP is made, there is actually a positive impact because recycled CO2 is utilised.

Like water off a duck’s back, EPP fends off dirt, spills, stains of all sorts.Just wipe with damp cloth. It couldn’t be easier. you can sterilise it with steam. It is so save that it is actually approved for food contact.

FEEK, an interesting dutch/belgium collaboration calling itself “the architect toolbox” designed and made interesting seating products out of it. For instance the Karim Rashids designed Snapchair.

The Snapchair, designed to be fun, full of personality, reconfigurable and engaging and everything I think sustainable design should be, has a small manufacturing footprint. It is 99% recyclable and designed with both life cycle thinking and the Crade to Cradle philosophy in mind.

The chair is build up from a metal frame, 2 EPP seat halves that can be picked from 6 colors and combined as you like it, and 4 plastic stoppers.

An other example is the Q-couch which parts can be connected and lengthen as you prefer, ending up in play of stripes.

Designer: Karim Rashid, Frederik van Hereveld
Manufacturer: FEEK
Category: recyclable materials
Websites: www.feek.nl/materials/soft-plastix/


Snap as you like
Snap chair components
Combining parts

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