Eco-certified hotels in Spain have double sales and triple EBITDA compared with peers

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-03-04 11:38:52 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: It helps if sustainabiltiy also economically pays of to get more companies on the wheelbarrow.

The Story

Eco-certified Parador Granada

This research among 2000 hotels in Spain, the second biggest tourist market in the world, shows that the EBITDA of ISO certified hotels is 3 times higher that that of their peers! And a double as high sales per annum. Not small differences. The best news of the week.

To sum up the analysis shows that the best performing hotels in the Spanish hospitality industry are those that have adopted the ISO 14001 proactive environmental manage- ment tool, and, considering that size acts as a moderating factor, urban and beach hotels show better performance in this regard than rural hotels.

The results offer quantitative support to the notion that implementing ISO 14001 is worthwhile for hotels, something that most hoteliers had previously detected in a tacit way. These data explain why the number of certified hotels is increasing and also why some of the most important hotels are adopting ISO 14001 certification in all their establish- ments, especially in Europe. Examples are the Paradores Nacionales in Spain that have gained certification, and Groupe Accor which has certified all of its Ibis hotels.

Product: Research
Designer: María-del-Val Segarra-Oña and Ángel Peiró-Signes
Manufacturer: Cornell University
Category: research


Eco-certified Parador Granada
Eco-certified Parador Granada
by Paradores

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