Re-use old components in new product

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-04-23 10:30:32 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: After disposal the Rank Xerox photocopier will be disassembled. The components undergo thorough testing for their eligibility before being re-used in new photocopiers. Equipment remanufacture and the reuse and recycling of parts prevent millions of pounds

The Story

Waste Reduction

Machines are designed for easy disassembly and contain fewer parts. Parts are durable – designed for multiple product life cycles. Coded with instructions on how to dispose, the parts are also easy to reuse or recycle. As a result, equipment returned to Xerox at end of life can be rebuilt to as-new performance specifications, reusing 70–90% of machine components (by weight), while meeting performance specifications for equipment with parts that are all new.

Xerox also designs product families around modular product architectures and a common set of core components. These advances offer us many options for breathing new life into old equipment. A returned machine can be rebuilt as the same model through remanufacture, converted to a new model within the same product family, or used as a source of parts for next-generation models.

A Xerox product whose designs are based on previous models may have 60% of its parts by weight in common with previous equipment. The practice of reusing parts reduces the amount of raw material needed to manufacture new parts, which generates several hundred million dollars in cost savings each year, in addition to energy savings.

Product: Copiers
Designer: Rank Xerox
Manufacturer: Rank Xerox
Category: re-use of component


Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction
Equipment waste; Equipment recovery/recycling operations

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