Creating a new market; products of recycled "waste"

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-19 10:09:43 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Creating new markets and re-using waste. Cradle2Cradle

The Story

Laptop cover

Flex/the Innovationlab helped We Beat the Mountain with their go-to-market strategy and product design.
We Beat the Mountain:


We Beat The Mountain is an organization, a symbol and a worldwide movement. We aim to reduce the trash mountains worldwide by the pricinple of recycling. Products that are no longer in use, such as plastic bags, pet-bottles, aluminium cans and other materials can easily be converted into new products. This is exactly what we are doing! We use your trash for cool products!


“We Beat the Mountain aims to create, produce and sell functional products of 100% recycled and re-used materials in a global market. By creating and producing our products we take into account every single part of the product, even the yarns, zippers and labels. Our mission is to change all trash into something useful and create awareness around the value of trash.”


“We Beat The Mountain shows compassion with a cool, sustainable and powerful brand. The brand aims to be fully transparent to fans and customers. Each iconic product comes with a ´message in the bottle´, describing the materials used to make the product, the price structure and the story behind We Beat The Mountain. We Beat The Mountain strives to become the sustainable alternative for all consuming products, so that everybody can make a difference.”


“We Beat The Mountain believes that people will always consume products. We therefore see great value in creating alternative materials for virgin materials such as plastic. In our eyes being sustainable in the use of materials can lead to a radical turns in design, creation and production of consumer goods, so stop using virgin material, start using what we already have. Under our Blue Label we invent and create our own products, while under our White Label product we guide and approve the development of (recycled) products by other parties. We Beat The Mountain is the sustainable alternative which gives you a choice.”

Scarcity in money, space, materials and natural resources is a serious problem nowadays. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to build sustainable relationships and partnerships with other organization, and making smart choices in which activities you can do yourself, and which you can organize in collaborations with others. This will help to make your organization more successful.
We Beat The Mountain operates as a Flat World Company, which means that they keep their own organization small and cooperate with many other parties. Being a Flat World Company gives them the opportunity to be flexible, innovative and small, encouraging all partners in its network to do what they do best.

They find that being a Flat World Company means for them:
- being a worldwide network orchestrator
- have a great number of alliances with different partners
- is organized around the customer
- is able to be innovative and flexible
- co-creates, co-develops and co-sells their products to beat the trash mountain!


We Beat The Mountain aims to make a profit by creating, producing and selling products made of 100% recycled materials. They plan to use profit to develop more products made of 100% recycled materials and spread awareness about the value of trash. We Beat The Mountain is in it for the long run! Going on producing cradle-2-cradle products until everyone is aware of the value of trash and buys cradle-2-cradle products to make a difference in our world.

Product: Covers for laptop/ipad/phone
Designer: Flex/The Innovationlab
Manufacturer: We beat the mountain
Category: business development around sustainability


Laptop cover
Laptop cover

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