Ceres publishes a, free, supplier self-assesment questionaire to improve supply chain sustainability

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-09-13 07:36:32 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Building sustainable supply chains starts with measuring what is their before setting targets and developing plans to improve

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In order to effectively manage the sustainability impact, environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts, of an organisation one needs to and make sure they manage their impacts accordingly. Engaging suppliers and integrating the sustainability elements in decision making processes and implementing best practices improves the supply chains sustainability performance as a whole.

This questionnaire integrates the different aspects of ESG in one harmonized questionnaire where as in the past different lists where used with overlaps.

Self assessment tools are a valuable tool in any supply chain sustainability program. They help you to evaluate, manage and communicate the ESG processes, procedures and performance. In addressing the highlighted issues this questionnaire can help realize cost savings and productivity improvements and gives a push to product innovation.

Topics on which data is collected include:

  • Workforce profile
  • Employment relationship
  • Environmental management systems
  • Air and greenhouse gases emissions
  • Energy and water consumption
  • Waste and pollution prevention
  • health and safety
  • Child and forced labor
  • Compensation and work hours
  • Accountability
  • Stakeholder management
Product: Questionair
Designer: Ceres
Manufacturer: Ceres
Category: Knowledge
Websites: www.ceres.org/resources/reports/supplier-self-assessment-questionnaire-saq-building-the-foundation-for-sustainable-supply-chains/view


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