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by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-08-20 16:15:55 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 3D-printing is waste free and instant possible without transportation needs all over the planet

The Story


No longer from the furniture store, but with a download from a website, design goods take the form of a digital blueprint that the consumer takes to the local manufacturer for customizable on-demand production.

Droog is working with a network of designers, digital distributors, manufacturers and material suppliers to develop new business models and product designs for Downloadable design. Through a world wide platform for design distribution two pilots will be implemented to test the developed models and designs.

Possible benefits include lower product costs, less transport and less waste, new design concepts, more variation, possibility of co-creation, lower investment due to no warehousing, more responsive production chains, and involvement of the consumer in the design outcome. Not only for day-to-day goods, Downloadable design can play a role in global urgencies.

During the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2011, Droog presented furniture and accessories designed for download by EventArchitectuur and Minale-Maeda, including CNC cut tables, cupboards, desks, side tables, shelves, couches and 3D printed electrical outlets, flowers and charms. Droog also presented digital design tools that allow ordinary computer users to easily make functional design decisions, automatically generating blueprints for local execution in various materials. The tools also enable communication between designer and customer, streamlining and lowering the cost of a custom design process. The presented products have been customized by Droog for its collection.

A great idea and I hope for more soon!

Product: Divers
Designer: Divers
Manufacturer: Droog
Category: Innovation
Websites: www.drooglab.com/projects/models/downloadable-design/


3D printed electric outlets

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