"green pimping" older cars, 10-15% increased efficiency for minimal cost

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-05-29 08:06:08 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Increasing the efficiency of the existing cars with 10% and increase life of the car for minimal cost. Saves resources on all fronts

green cars

Car manufacturers state they now produce more economical cars with lower emissions. Most of the cars produced today are still equiped with exact the same engines as their predecessors and haven’t lost weight. So it must be possible to make your car more economical and environmental friendlier by tweaking the car. Go-Greener has found out how you and your garage can fix that cost effectively.

They apply proven and easy to install add on technologies and products. If used in combination it enables you to maximize economic driving: less fuel use, lower maintenance costs and lower emissions. They offer packages that focus on the energy relevant areas in car energy efficiency;
On the energy consumption;
Lighting; more efficient by using LED
Tyre pressure is critical and can add/reduce fuel consumption upto 5%; tyre pressure control systems
Engine; fuel saving additive, air-twister, reusable long life air-filter, microfiltering of engine oil, eco tuning etc

Depending on the Go-Greener version car driving becomes 15% more efficient and improves performance and comfort. Their 179 euro package in average reduces fuel consumption with 10% which in Europe means that it takes less then 1 year to breakeven if you drive 12.000km a year! And the tweaking also increases the life of you engine and your car.

A great service offering for reducing emissions! They won the Blue Efficiency award from Mercedes Benz.

Designer: go.greener
Manufacturer: divers
Category: modify older cars to new emission levels
Websites: www.go-greener.eu


green cars
green cars
by ustepping.com

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