Decomposable garden waste bags

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-05-18 07:41:49 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: A decomposable bag for garden waste like leaves etcetera. Because of the netting it is lightweight and air can pass through to support decomposing


personally I don’t have problems with leaves falling of trees in Autumn but there seem to be lot’s of people gathering them and dispose of them. In the USA in paper garden waste bags.

Paul, inspired by the netting around christmas trees developed a brilliant alternative the Dsolvbag. A concept with a spring to hold the netting up like a bin. Handles to carry and rolls of netting to make size it your self according to what you need.

Anyone like to adapt this idea to shopping bags that decompose, are extra light and don’t blow away with the wind?

Designer: Paul Kolada
Manufacturer: Dsolvbag
Category: packaging


How does it work
How does it work
by Dsolvbag

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