Ribbon lamp adjusts to its tasks

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-04-05 08:49:44 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Adjustable from worklight to ambiance light, low energy, 80% recyclable

Ribbon lamp

The Ribbon Lamp, designed by ECCO Design for Top Brilliant Technology Ltd. (TBT), offers a revolutionary and sustainable new approach to task lighting. With its unique versatility, the Ribbon Lamp serves as two lamps in one by adapting to the user’s mood and transforming from task to ambient lighting on demand. A simple control pad on the base allows the user to smoothly brighten or dim the lamp to taste, as well as shift the color temperature from a “daylight” white light suited to reading or hobby use, toward a “warm” yellowish light suited to ambient or general purpose lighting.

Using technology normally reserved for laptops or copying machines, and never before manufactured for general lighting, the Ribbon Lamp lasts for 15,000 hours (that’s 10 years, based on five hours of use a day) and is more energy-efficient than most other lights. The lamp costs $200.

The lamp took two years to finish. The hinge alone was a six-month process of engineering, with thousands of e-mails regarding cost-savings, material and ingenuity. In addition to dimming from task lighting to ambient light, and changing modes from soft, blue night light to hard, white daylight, 85% of the lamp is recyclable upon dismantling.


  • 20Watt
  • 1000 lumen max
  • adjustable color range 2700-6500K
  • dimable to 12%
  • 80% recyclable
Designer: Eric Chan
Manufacturer: Top Brilliant
Category: lighting
Websites: www.eccoid.com/item.php?cat=&id=68&imageid=206


Ribbon lamp
by eric chan

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