Multifunctional tatami chair

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-02-01 07:15:29 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Optimized for transportation, multifunctional furniture turns a chair in a futon


Ori.Tami is an example of how design becomes “eco” when it creates versatile and multifunctional objects. Even when the material choices are non-sustainable, so imagine if these were better thought-through.

The name is a combination of the Japanese words Origami and Tatami, the flooring mats that futons are placed on for sleeping. With a few moves, the little base mattress converts into either a chaise longue, an armchair, a couch, according to need. Its chromium-plated steel (chromium is a material beter to be avoided) structure is covered with polyurethane foam padding and Lycra upholstering, reinforced at the joints. Ori.Tami is packaged like a mattress, flat, so its compact size during transport phase further contributes to its sustainability.

Designer: Giulio Manzoni
Manufacturer: Campeggi
Category: Multifunctional, furniture


by Campeggi

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