Tap water purification instead of bottled water

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-21 07:13:59 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Purification of tapwater makes drinking water taste much better


In many countries tapwater is not drinkable without purification because it contains arsenic, heavy metals, pesticides, VOC or bacterias. Even if it is drinkable it often doesn’t taste good enough due to chlorination.

People often use bottled water, disposing the bottles to the landfill but even re-using bottles asks lot’s of energy and water to clean and transport them and recycling bottles is preferable to landfilling but also needs energy.

Coway’s stand alone water purifier doesn’t need plumbing and purifies the water with 3 filter systems (one of the Revers Osmosis) to get odors, bacteria, heavy metals and other stuff out. The filters filter over 5000 liter water saving hundreds of kilo’s plastic and/or glass waste together with 5000$ of cost to pay for bottled water. Hurrrah!

They even got a Red Dot award for the design.

Designer: Coway
Manufacturer: Coway
Category: Water purification
Websites: www.coway.com/product/product_detail.asp?fsProductCode=CHP-09B&fiCategoryOneCode=1


Water filter system
Water filter system
by Coway

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