Growing table; height adjustable children's furniture

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-21 02:47:59 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Extending life stratey

Growing table

Growing table grows just like a child. The legs of table, hocker and bench are, due to an uncomplicated bolt system, easily adjusted in 4 different heights. From its second year a kid has tools like adjustable holders for pencils, rolls of paper and books, which can be placed in the holes in the edge of the table. Changing a table in a play and workspace. On the bench there is enough space for a friend to join in.

When the kid grows up its needs change, more space is needed for books, and other stuff. There is a whole ascessoire set available.
The kids can organize their table with boxes for pens, paper, books and can adjust and decide for itself where what should go.

The design is robust in its form language, the sturdy slightly diagonal placed legs of both bench, hocker and table give them a pleasant, timeless, appearance as well a a lot of stability.

The height is adjusted by adding one or two leg elements on the lowest version in 4 steps.

It is produced in a german workspace for people with handicaps, they put either building sets or complete assembled tables together

Designer: In-house design; Olaf Schroeder
Manufacturer: Pure Position
Category: Furniture


Growing table
Growing table
by Pureposition

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