Plakkies; shoes made from tyres

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-05-05 04:42:41 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Use 'waste' material to produce new products in this way saving resources as well as pollution due to otherwise burned or illegally dumped tires

pink plakkie

A product inspired on the traditional African way of making sandals out of car tires, the sole of the Plakkies is made out of recycled car tires. Normally these obsolete tires are dumped on landfills or burned illegally

Plakkies are designed by the famous Dutch shoedesigner Jan Jansen. Like with all of his shoes, Plakkies are a great combination of comfort and design. The unique patterns on the Plakkies are the result of a combination of the South African textile designer Anabella Hilda Loubser and township kids. The drawings of the kids were the inspiration for the design.

For the production of Plakkies as many local resources as possible are used. For example, all the leather is original African, as well as the tyresoles. Unfortantely the cork footbeds are imported from Portugal, this enables to guarantee the quality and comfort needed. But in the near future they will replace the cork with African resources.

With the money earned Kidsrights help African kids by giving them direct and personal support – all-round and ‘made to measure’ and by advocating their rights. They help by financing local, smaller scale projects. Their mission is also to provide a platform for these kids, who themselves are usually unable to attract the eyes and ears of the world. As Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu stated: ""KidsRights seeks to give a Voice to the Utterly Voiceless"

Designer: Jan Jansen
Manufacturer: Plakkies
Category: re-used material


pink plakkie
pink plakkie

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