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by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-22 08:17:55 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Seven litres of water are used to produce one litre of mineral water. All these water bottles end up as waste or need to be recycled. What is more, the impact of the transport and production of mineral waters on the environment is comparable to that of 62

Water filter system

Nothing is refreshing as the pure taste of fresh water flowing from a spring. Grohe developed GROHE Blue® – combining a sophisticated designer faucet with a revolutionary high-performance filter.
The latter filters out substances (even heavy metals) that negatively affect the quality or the taste of tap water – refining it to water whose pure and fresh taste you would expect only from mineral water. This has been confirmed by an independent test, in which a representative group of consumers were asked to sample and rate a range of different waters including GROHE Blue® and several premium branded still mineral waters. The result: GROHE Blue® tasted as good as the mineral waters and even scored superior in the “freshness of the taste” category.
The superior taste of GROHE Blue® also means clearly better tasting hot beverages too, such as tea and coffee.
Kitchen appliances also benefit from the low lime content of the filtered water.

the filter

Nature filters water by running it through different layers of soil and rock. The GROHE Blue® filter cartridge is based on the same principle, using four successive phases to make your tap water ever cleaner and give it an even better taste. The filter also captures lime and heavy metals, thereby protecting your kitchen appliances.

How it works:

  • The non-woven pre-filter removes large particles.The ion exchanger reduces the water hardness and filters out such heavy metals as lead and copper which are often released by outdated water pipes. The function of the ion exchanger can be adjusted according to the local water hardness.
  • The activated carbon filter removes unpleasant taste such as chlorine and organic impurities.
  • The micro particle filter captures particles as small as 10 μm.

When the filter capacity declines to below 10 percent, a flashing LED on the faucet reminds users to order a new cartridge. The replacement filter simply clicks into place – no need to call a plumber.

Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Grohe
Category: Water, sanitation
Websites: www.grohe.co.uk/p/25_52411.html


Water filter system
How it works
Water filter system
by Grohe

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