Idea for X-mas :Re-usable packaging or a scarf

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-18 10:01:38 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: In Japan a lot of packaging is being used. You can say there isn't anything sold that isn't packed at least once but sometimes three-four times. One of the nice ways to do so, and adopted by Lush, is to use a nicely printed piece of fabric, furoshiki. The

examples of wraps

Lush sells vintage fabric to Knot-Wrapping their products, which are sold, in most cases, unpacked.
Knot-wrap scarves can then be re-used again and again either as bags, or as fashionable head-scarves / neck-scarves etc. They come in a selection of colours and designs and are bought from various Vintage clothing suppliers, allowing us to reuse existing fabrics rather than manufacturing our own = zero carbon footprint. So more environmentally friendly and a lot more purse friendly than a Hermes scarf, but just as gorgeous!

It adds a personal touch to the gift and they can be re-used. The furoshiki fashionistas can even wear them as scarves, bandanas

Designer: Divers
Manufacturer: Lush
Category: re-use, fabric, textile


examples of wraps
Vintage wraps
examples of wraps
by drake circus

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