Replacing x-ray by sonic waves for structural testing

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-16 11:08:13 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Usually structural testing, crack testing, eigen frequencies are performed with x-rays or by using etching chemicals. BGP-design developed a, "Focus Green award": winning new technology base

Sonic TC

The Sonic TC unit uses a revolutionary new technology to replace the x-ray testing technology in structural testing of metal products. Were the old x-ray techniques time consuming as well as producing environmental unfriendly x-ray radiation, the new technology uses, less energy consuming, sonic waves. The equipment can be used in the production line and test up to 4500 parts per hour. As the line moves on the control unit can mark or remove defect products. It is also making it possible to instantly adjust the production machines to prevent further defective products.

The compact, self contained machine is made from sheet steel, making it a robustness and durability needed in production environments. It is flexible adjustable and can be attached to a wide variety of conveyor belts and production processes, thus saving investments.

Test results can be presented graphically and be different per user group, Parameters can de changed afterwards or adjusted after measurements

I know RTE as a company suplying x-ray machines and certifications of testing equipment from the time I worked in the aircraft industry, so good to see that they have been developing in more environmental friendly methods. I can recall a million of euros just to built the room for the x-ray machine, to contain the radiation. Not to speak about the set-up times between x-rays to make sure the radiation levels were save for people to take the products in/out. Would not only have been a more environmental sound solution but also a business wise one.

Designer: Knut Braake & Stefan Grobe BGP-Design
Manufacturer: RTE
Category: Industrial Products


Sonic TC
Sonic TC
Sonic TC
by rte

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