Charging with sunlight

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-09 06:02:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Sun light is the renewable energy, there is unlimited supply. Nature lives on it for billions of years

Solio charger

PVs convert sunlight into electricity that can be used immediately. The process is clean, fast, noiseless, and—thanks to Solio—easily portable.
Here’s how it works. Light from the sun hits the solar cells, exciting electrons within the cell. Some of them break free, and are channeled through a conductive metal strip to create an electric current. This current can either be stored in a battery or used directly in the form of electricity. The stronger the sunlight and the more rays that hit the cell, the more electricity is generated. There comes the problem as well, you need a battery to store the electricity of the sun to overcome the periods the sun is not shining sufficiently.

My experience, one year with a Solio Classic, is that even living in Shanghai, that should have more sun then Western Europe, doesn’t always provide enough energy to keep my mobile phone running. And I guess Solio is, in its category, a good performing charger. The battery keeps it’s load well. But it is likely not a good idea to start adding solar panels to all electronic gadgets. Better spend the money on Residential solar panels on your roof or in investing in solar thermal power

Designer: Solio
Manufacturer: Solio
Category: energy


Solio charger
Thermal solar power
Solio charger
by Solio

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