Making recycling easy and clean

by: Mirjam Visser, 2016-06-13 12:26:07 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Making recycling easy and clean

Totem 60L

Domestic waste usually comprises a myriad of different materials, so people often improvise managing the waste by using a clutter of extra bins and containers. The Totem waste separation unit responds to this problem in one object. Featuring a footprint that is comparable to most conventional kitchen bins, Totem delivers more capacity for advanced waste separation. The unit comprises a large 36-litre general waste compartment including an odour filter cleverly integrated in the lid, as well as a multi-purpose drawer featuring a removable liner, a divider and carrier bag hooks that lend themselves to easily separating different types of recycling. Also included is a food waste caddy, specially designed to fit into the general waste compartment or the multi-purpose drawer. The wheeled base and rear handle allow Totem to be easily moved and placed where needed. Thanks to its clear design arrangement, this waste bin blends well into almost any kitchen environment, lending the act of separating waste a sense of novel, contemporary ease.

Statement by the Red dot jury 2015 who gave it the Best of the Best award:

»Featuring a multifunctional design, this waste separation unit offers users a myriad of different recycling possibilities. Its innovative, open concept allows users to individually configure all elements of the container and thus adapt the process of separating waste to individual needs and given kitchen space. Totem is easy to clean and with its appeal of clarity and freshness blends in perfectly with most contemporary kitchen environments.«

Designer: PearsonLloyd
Manufacturer: JosephJoseph
Category: Recycling


Totem 60L
by JosephJoseph

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