Fridge functioning without energy

by: Mirjam Visser, 2015-10-12 11:19:20 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Cooling without energy. Going back to the old days of digging in garden produce to use it over the winter time


The Groundgridge is keeping your food chilled without using refrigeration and thus without using energy. Based on an age-old principle, the Groundfridge is an autonomic functioning (cooling) cellar, with as much storage capacity as 20 refrigerators.

The Groundfridge is a buryable, autonomic operating (cooling) cellar. An innovative version of the traditional root cellar, for today’s cosmopolitans who have their own vegetable garden and who lead modern, self-providing lives. The Groundfridge uses the insulating capacity of the soil and the cooling effect of the underground water. This allows the temperature within the Groundfridge to remain a steady 10 – 12 °C throughout the entire year – the perfect temperature to store, for example, fruits, vegetables, wine and cheese.
Dugged in and covered up with the soil that was taken from its new lodging place, the layer of soil is about 1 meter thick, the Groundfridge has ample insulating properties for the core temperature to stay stable, and the underground water provides additional cooling. Added benefit: installing the Groundfridge requires no permits, and when digging it in, no soil need be carried off of the premises.

20 refrigerators, zero electricity
The Groundfridge has a storage capacity of 3,000 litres. This equals the contents of 20 refrigerators, that store 500 kg of food (the harvest of a 250 m2 vegetable garden) to prepare 350 meals – enough to feed a family of 5.
On average, 20 A grade EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Refrigerators combined, use 6,620 kWh per year, whereas the Groundfridge performs the same feat completely without any electricity.

Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek
Manufacturer: Weltevree
Category: Cooling


Walk in fridge
by Weltevree

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