Cool watch with a cause

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-10-07 08:45:40 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: A design with an emphasize on the People P of the 3 P's. The sleek watch is sold with a cause attached to it; Hunger, Aids, Water, Environment, Cancer.

3 of the colours

Fam Mizra the head of Mizra Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago experience both the hardships of the third world and the comfort of the first and decided to try and bridge the gap with a watch(face).

The watches are sleek suiting all kind of personal styles and of good quality, for a 40$ affordable for many people. All money left after Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing and goes to the causes and the expansion on the 1:Face movement to “change the world”.

Each color watch is paired with a cause, a charity, and a specific metric. For each watch purchased, the charity tied to that cause will fulfill that specific metric. Creating the change in the World! Through the 1:face website and social media, they will be highlighting stories of the change being created showing the change created.

1 silver watch = food for 16 children (by one day’s wages)
625 yellow watches = 1 well (by Charity: Water)
14 pink watches = 1 mammogram (by national breast cancer foundation)
3 blue watches = 1 charcoal efficient stove (by the Adventure Project)
5 red watches = 1 month aids treatment for a child (by keep a child alive)
1 black watch = support for 8 cancer patients (American cancer society)

They used Indiegogo to get the whole project started.

Designer: Mirza Minds
Manufacturer: unknown in Shenzen China ROHS and SA8000 as well as ISO14000 compliant
Category: Assesoires


The metrics
3 of the colours
The metrics
by 1:Face

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