Paper vase cover over recycled PET bottle

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-06-03 07:07:34 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The paper vase cover is put around a discarded PET waterbottle. The vase is made in Bombay by local poors with the aim to get the population of this slum out of poverty by 2020. SO People, planet and profit/value since it is a very attractive playful vase

Paper vase cover

This fun paper vase which is put around a discarded PET waterbottle is being made in Mumbai by the Tiny Miracle foundation.
The aim of the foundation is to get a slum of Mumbai out of poverty by 2020 by helping them to increase their income from less then an euro now to 8 euros a day in 2020.

Pepe designed also lamps and vases from leather, bamboo, steel which are all produced by the Tiny Miracle Foundation.

Lets hope many people buy the products to help them achieve the P of Profit sooner! We don’t usually promote sales at this website by you can buy them at Pepe’s shop

Designer: Pepe Heykoop
Manufacturer: Tiny Miracles Foundation
Category: people and planet


Paper vase cover
Vase (leanther and steel)
Lamp shade
bamboo shade
Paper vase cover
by Pepe Heykoop

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