Tactile light; controlled by gesture

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-12-11 13:44:33 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: LED light that, depending on where you touch it gives light; Up or down, intense or soft making adjustable for many tasks,

Fonckel One

This light, Fonckel One, is fun! It invites to touch it and then reacts to you, where you touched it and how in a very precise way.

That it can shine up or down, more intense or soft, dim or focus or widen the beam, makes it adaptable to different tasks whether it is for work, reading or creating atmosphere. And of course the LED lighting makes it very energy efficient. It comes in white, black and red.

Have a look here or at their website to see how it functions.

The spec:

  • Patented multi-touch interactions
  • Precise and flexible control of light
  • Direct, dim and focus the light
  • Making light your personal expression
  • Intuitive and fun hand gestures
Designer: Philip Ross
Manufacturer: Fonckel
Category: LED lighting
Websites: www.fonckel.com


Fonckel One
Fonckel One
by Fonckel

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