Piet, the no mix toilet

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-10-28 08:35:41 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The toilet splits the removal of feces and water from urine which, difficult to remove from waste water later on, contains nitrogen and phosphates which, scarce in India and China already, can be turned in fertilizer.

Piet the toilet

From the graduate exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands and part of the annual Dutch Design Week. One of my favorite sustainable products with an impact.

Every human being produces around a litre of urine per day. Urine contains substantial amounts of nitrogen and phosphates, and these turn cleaning the sewage system into a costly affair. With his no-mix toilet called Piet (a term that combines the words pee and seat), Theo Brandwijk wants to separate urine from faeces. This will make it cheaper to clean the sewage water. What’s more, the nitrogen and phosphates can be recycled to produce fertiliser.

“Piet does not come with a toilet seat. Everyone is invited to pee sitting down, which is much more hygienic.” A movement sensor ensures that the special lid opens whenever anyone takes a seat. The urine is diverted down a separate drain and ends up in a tank that is emptied periodically. The faeces disappears through the larger (regular) drain, and the toilet lid automatically closes when the user stands up.

Really well thought through in the details of how to split the different waste and collect it. Any manufacturers please contact Theo via his website.

Designer: Theo Brandwijk
Manufacturer: no producer yet
Category: Design Academy
Websites: typischtheo.nl/


the system Piet
Piet the toilet
the system Piet
by Tho Brandwijk

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