Revolutionary cordless 100W vacuum cleaner

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-06-21 10:09:15 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Vacuum cleaners typical use 1400-2000Watt of which most is lost due to leakage and friction in the tubes. This one has it engine in the head so no tube losses.


I happen to have done a bit of research in sustainable value of vacuum cleaners lately so I keep my eyes open for new sustainable vacuum clean solutions. And here is an interesting new stick vacuum cleaner; the AirRAM by Gtech.

Typical vacuum cleaners have 1400-2000+ Watt engines. And although many people still think this stands for cleaning performance, it is not the case. About 85% of that power is lost because the dust, after been picked up, needs to be transported over 1,5 meter, 1 meter up to the dust container. Through tubes that leak and cause friction.

Gtech solved the problem by integrating the dust collector and the engine in the head of the vacuum cleaner. The dust container is small but the dust is compressed in small bales making the volume effectively the same as about 1.2 liter. The bales are much less dusty to remove than loose dust in typical bagless vacuumcleaners.

They claim the cleaning performance of AirRam compared to 2600W vacuum, based on independent test to IEC 60312-1-5.3, dust removal from carpet, is about 50% better!

It further works cordless, the battery charges, tested by Which? (UK consumer testing), in 4hr which is quick compared to the usual 12 hours other battery charged vacuum cleaners use. The battery lasts 27 minutes which is more than enough for a 4-5 room house.

The handle in the middle of the stick makes it easy to lift the 3.6kg heavy up the stairs. This handle rotates the head and the Airflow starts nearly a wide as the head, which makes it easy to vacuum clean along the walls and corners.

With a price of 230£ it doesn’t come cheap. It saves on energy although Gtech’s claim of saving 252£ in 5 yrs (based on 3 hours vacuum cleaning a week!) compared with a 2600W vacuum cleaner is a bit optimistic

Designer: Gtech
Manufacturer: Gtech
Category: appliances


AirRam head
Inside of the head
by Gtech

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