Shape changing furniture and lamps made out of paper

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-10-11 04:37:57 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: The furniture elements can be changed endlessly to be adapted to circumstances thus never be boring. They are made of honeycomb structures that are folded in and need to be unfolded at home thus limiting volum at transport


Softseating is made from heavy weight versions of the same kraft paper and textile materials used in softwall + softblock modular system. Each element of
softseating utilizes a flexible honeycomb structure to fan open into a stool, table, bench or lounger and then recompress like a book for storage. Each element has magnetic end panels allowing two or more of the same size to connect, creating long winding benches. The flexible, large diameter fanning loungers may be leaned on one another or against walls to create uniquely contoured shapes with backrests

Urchin softlight has an animate tactile character, inviting playful interaction. The elastic three-dimensional honeycomb geometry allows it to morph through a multitude of forms as you rotate it through and around your hands. It can even be turned inside out to create straight walled cylinders and conical forms. In groupings, each lamp can have a related yet unique form. urchin softlight diffuses and transforms the quality of light from florescent bulbs through its translucent structure. Adjusting the form of urchin also adjusts the intensity, direction and quality of light, a beautiful, tactile way of shaping the light of an intimate space. The urchin softlight is for indoor use only.

The products are made out of paper or Tyvex, a polyethylene.

Designer: Todd MacAllen, Stephanie Forsythe
Manufacturer: molo
Category: Furniture, Lamps


Soft walls and LED lamps
by Molo design

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