Disfatto changes to your needs: sitting, hanging or sleeping

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-03-18 14:36:12 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Integrating functionalities in one product in a fun, attractive way.

Disfatto chair

DISFATTO boasts an original idea of comfort, it has a modifiable shape that naturally adapts itself to our needs, changes its aspect over time and color with the new seasons’ arrival. You can change the covering easily to change the appearance of the sofa and the space it is part of.

What characterizes the sofa is an essential structure upon which a soft-lined, inviting and cosy silhouette is laid down, reinventing the rules of ergonomics and praising imperfections. Changing its shape from chair or sofa to bed, resp. for one or two persons. The back support of the chair/sofa changes into a duvet.

Designer: Denis Guidone
Manufacturer: D3CO
Category: seating, bed
Websites: www.d3co.it/files/htm/eng/prodotti/disfatto.html


Disfatto chair
by D3CO

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