Minimalistic Fortune Cookie stool out of 1 plysheet

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-03-04 13:47:53 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: No waste in production through mono-coque design

Fortune Cookie Chair

I am contacted this week by Po Shun Leong who says he is the copyright owner of the design of the AP stool which was named Fortune Cookie Stool.
" The stool by Lapalma was to receive a 2011 IMM Award in Cologne but the organizer of the award withdrew it a the last moment because my solicitor sent them a “Cease and Desist” letter. I am the legal owner of the copyright. The AP stool is visually very similar in design to one that I had entered into the 2008 Tendo Furniture Design Competition in Japan."

Designers live by inspiration, also in others design, but this inspiration stays very near to the earlier version from Po Shun Leong. I didn’t see legal letters but according to dates of publications, the fact the Imm award was withdrawn, …
So here the rectification.

The old entry of this page said:

This project started as an experiment in expressing the excellence of bent plywood in a maximal way.

Isn’t it great that the expression in a maximal way the result is a minimalistic stool? Maximal comfort with minimal structure brings the stool back to the basics.

The stool is made of a single piece of plywood. Available in several finished. It is stackable to save space.

Won a good design award 2011

Designer: Po Shun Leong
Manufacturer: Beijing Osidea
Category: Furniture


Stool copy made by Lapalma
Fortune Cookie Chair
The comparison
Stool copy made by Lapalma
by LaPalma

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