E-site gets people off the grid sustainably

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-01-31 10:57:24 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Makes use of wind and solar heat as much as possible thus reducing CO2 emissions with 90%

Off the grid

This International Green Award winner generates power in a sustainable way

E-site® is a complete and proven turn-key solution that is extremely power efficient and specially designed to generate and conserve energy from renewable energy sources, like wind and solar radiation, for off-grid sites. The power is stored in a battery bank with an additional back-up source to secure redundancy and uninterrupted operation. The whole system is designed and operated with the focus on trouble-free operation and low life-cycle cost.

  • Intelligent control system – Diriflex® is the real-time intelligent control and management system that optimizes the energy efficiency of the resources for input and output power of the E-site® solution. The system controls the complete integrated system using continuous measurement of current and voltages from the different components.
  • Low life-cycle cost – The complete design of E-site® has been made with focus on low life-cycle cost. . A few examples are: the control system will ensure that the renewable energy resources will be used to the fullest extent; the life time of e.g. batteries are maximized; the diesel back-up is used as little as possible but, when used, the usage is as efficient as possible and the number of site visits for maintenance are minimized. Hence, the solution will reduce the operational costs considerably.
  • Power efficient solution – E-site® is extremely power efficient solution specially designed to generate and conserve energy in order to optimize energy usage.
  • Long component life span – An advanced cooling system maintains the right temperature at all times, preventing wear on the batteries and equipment.
  • Safe investment – E-site® is a complete fully integrated thought through solution provided by one supplier, who has site solutions powered with renewable energy resources as their core business.
Designer: Flexenclosure
Manufacturer: Flexenclosure
Category: Energy
Websites: www.flexenclosure.com/Esite.aspx


Off the grid
Off the grid
by flexenclosure

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