Ceramic box cutter prevents accidents

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-12-29 17:09:48 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Lengthening life 10-fold by using ceramic instead of steel, preventing injuries because passive ceramic blades are less sharp

Box Cutter

The first ceramic box cutter in the world. It is designed to reduce injuries on the workfloor. It’s handle is anti-slip, easy to hold and protects the hand from being cut because it wraps around the hand. The handle is shaped like a hook so that the knife can be hung up on your shirt pocket and will not be put in a pocket unprotected. Both sides of the short blade cut so less changes of blades, an action lot’s of injuries happen.

Ceramics stay sharp 10 times as long as metal knives. It seems more accidents happen because of blunt then sharp knifes. The blade can be replaced to lengthen life even longer. It looks good as well so rightfully was awarded a Red Dot award in 2011.

Designer: Slice
Manufacturer: Slice
Category: knives
Websites: www.sliceproducts.com/products/box-cutter


Box cutter
Box Cutter
Using the slice
Box cutter
by Slice

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