Heat pump technology laundry dryers 50% more efficient

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-12-13 16:06:27 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: 50% less energy then a class A Dryer through re-using heat instead of dumping the heat in the air.

Ecologixx 7s

Since a few years Laundry dryers are available more energy-efficient. Of course the most energy efficient is to dry the laundry outside on the line but with people living in the city and working fulltime that might not be an option and dry in-house is bad for the indoor climate and mould especially in well insulated houses.

The introduction of heat pump technology made laundry driers 50% more energy efficient then energy class A (EU standard). For example Bosch Ecologixx 7S 7kg dryer (but there are other brands as well like AEG Electrolux etc); energy consumption of 7 kg cotton tumbled at 1400 U/min takes – 1.35 kwh and 112 min to get it cupboard dry. Compare this to the LG DLEX5101W, which is called eco and consumersearch.com best reviewed electric dryer, and uses 2.41kwh/cycle. I took this since it is one of the few dryers sold in the USA that publishes its energy consumption. Energystar doesn’t give dryers start because dryers all have about the same energy consumption per cycle, well we see here that is not true anymore!

So how does it achieve the low energy consumption? Through a heat exchanger that ‘recycles’ the heat from the heated air. Not cheap but it saves the money in electricity over 10 year or longer lifetime ….

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Manufacturer: Bosch
Category: Consumer electronics
Websites: www.bosch-home.com/ae/WTW86562.html


Ecologixx 7s
Heat pump principle
Ecologixx 7s

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