Re-useable waterbottle with filter

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-12-13 13:17:17 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Clean save water is utmost important to get bottled water users to transport their water in re-usable bottles. Safety comes first for a lot of people especially for toddlers, elderly people

water bottle

Rusty Allen designed a great water bottle; re-usable, easy to fill due to the big fill opening, easy to carry on a finger, a mouthpiece that fits the mouth and lips, the bottle is made of clear plastic so you can see how much is still left in. It even looks good!

The bottle is made from Tritan plastic, an alternative to polycarbonate, contains no BPA, has no estrogenic or androgenic activity, is extremely tough and impact resistant and has exceptional dishwasher durability.

The innovative addition however is its filter system. The water is filtered on the way out by pressing the water through filter into the mouthpiece. The carbon filter is compostable and made from coconut shells which in itself is a byproduct. The lifetime of the filter is over 100 gallons, about 800 bottles of water.

Lot’s of people won’t give up bottled water because they have concerns about the quality of tapwater even living in a country where it is save to drink. The Gobieh with its filter might solve those concerns. A great example of a sustainable designed product!

Designer: Rusty Allen
Manufacturer: Gobie H2O
Category: water


water bottle
Fill opening
by Gobie H2O

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