Extracting copper from waste ashes

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-11-26 18:08:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: recovery from copper from incinerator ashes

copper plates

Copper is getting rare and within 20 years the resources are finished, sooner then oil. Incinerator ashes contain more copper then copper ore which till recently was not recovered. The ashes are used as material to give height in construction of highways etcetera, the copper can then pollute groundwater.

Elemetal developed a chemical process to wash the copper out of the ashes with as output pure copper. The amount of copper per waste incinerator is easily 2 million euro a year. Their, great, business model is that they provide the mobile installation and the profits from the copper sale are split between incinerator and Elemetal. A great example of upgrading. Elemetal has applied for a world wide patent on their invention and received several awards.

Designer: Elemetal
Manufacturer: Elemetal
Category: recovery
Websites: www.elemetal.eu/en/solutions


copper plates
copper plates
by elemetal

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