Less is more: Print with 50% less ink

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-11-16 12:37:58 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: With one button people can change the font used by printers and use 50% less ink, saving cost and the environment, without noticing the change


Ecofont Software adds a print button to your toolbar. With just one click of the mouse it can save up to 50% toner when printing. Both your wallet and the environment will be grateful to you, since ink and toner are a particularly heavy burden on both.

Instant savings with Ecofont
Ecofont Software requires no change of the fonts you are currently using. It works with existing documents without any modifications. Ecofont software is easy to install and intuitive to use. Unique benefits and affordable pricing guarantee a fantastic Return On Investment.

Do you have a Pay Per page contract? Ecofont is a no-brainer even within the framework of your Pay Per Page contract. You can demonstrate lower ink consumption which gives you munition for your upcoming contact negotiations.

Saving printing costs and be eco-friendly

  • Save up to 50% on ink and toner costs
  • Promote environmentally sound behaviour within the organisation
  • No holes on screen, just in your prints
  • Print without images or in greyscale to your choice
  • Only print your selection, not entire email conversations (richtext)
  • Works with all printers
  • Print to .PDF files so your readers will print environmentally friendly too

The only thing that works even better is not printing! And the only catch is; it works only on Windows, damn

Designer: Alexander Kraaij, Gerjon Zomer, Rick van den Bos
Manufacturer: EcoFont
Category: software
Websites: ecofont.eu/


Picture by NGM Blog Cental

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