Laundry Peg out of one piece

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-10-29 16:02:08 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: One material, one part makes it easy to recycle. More value since it does not leave rust or grip marks


Clip is a dual-jaw clothesline peg with a lifespan around twice as long as a regular peg. It offers a reduced carbon footprint, easy recyclability, and better usability. It is made with post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled and recyclable polyethylene, and encourages the use of old fashioned (solar-powered) clothes drying.
Clothes pegs are so ubiquitous that they are frequently taken for granted. The typical peg, containing a metal spring, is not without its disadvantages however. Pegs break apart fairly frequently, and the plastic becomes brittle if left out in the sun. Clip was conceived as a long-lasting peg. It shows how the form of a product can lengthen its life, improve reliability, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Its primary innovation is its double jaw, which creates the possibility of hanging a piece of laundry with either end of the peg. It is a single piece of plastic. When one jaw is squeezed together, the other jaw opens. The gripping action occurs because the two components of a jaw are wedged apart. Thus, they squeeze together in an attempt to return to their initial state. Clip’s geometry and the flexibility of its material (low-density polyethylene) allow it to be slipped over the item of laundry easily.

Clip offers a number of advantages over regular pegs. It does not leave rust marks on fabric as there is no metal component. It does not make grip marks since it does not bite onto the fabric while hanging. With its reduced number of components and production processes, Clip is easy to mass-manufacture and can be sold at a low price. As Clip is a single piece of injection-moulded plastic with no metal parts, it is very easy to recycle.

I hope the peg will be produced in the near future.

Winner red dot award: design concept 2010

Designer: Paul Sandip
Manufacturer: not manufactered yet
Category: domestic aid


foto: red dot

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