The drinking fountain

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-10-05 06:11:27 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: In lots of areas within Europe tapwater is equal or better in quality then bottled water. The drinking fountain cools the tapwater without energy use and in the same time the fountain is a meeting place. The need for bottled water is eliminated

Meeting point

The drinking fountain is a ceramic water cooler that is connected to the existing water supply. it can be placed in a public environment, in- or outdoor. Here, the drinking fountain is creating a social meeting point; a place where people gather to drink.

A ceramic container that cools water as an alternative to the plastic water coolers found in offices and public places. If clay is fired at a low temperature it allows water to evaporate through the porous walls, bringing about a natural cooling effect. The fountain is like an infinite source where you can fill your glass with fresh water, just by placing it on one of the tap points. The glasses and carafe have a rubber plug on the bottom with a little slit. This opens when placed on the valve, to let the water flow into the glass, and closes itself. When you lift the glass the water is retained.

The need for bottled water is eliminated. Trough the use of earthenware the water stays fresh and cool in a natural way. Therefore the drinking fountain should enhance the appreciation of tap water and stimulate one to drink.

The drinking fountain is nominated for the Doen Materiaalprijs 2011

Designer: Lizanne Dirkx
Manufacturer: unknown
Category: water, social products


Filling a glass
Meeting point
the glass
the set
Filling a glass
by Lizanne Dirkx

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