Silky fabric made from milk waste

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-10-30 17:12:56 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Millions of tons of milk are wasted for consumption every year in Germany. It is made in Casein which is now used to make fabric fibers which are as smooth as silk and hardly consumes water unlike cotton.

Milk for a dress

In Germany alone, every year 1.9 million tons of milk cannot be used for consumption and ends up being waste or a byproduct. Due to process steps that are not up to par with the stringent legislation or because it is a waste product in the process of for instance cheese production. This waste milk is processed into casein, the main technical ingredient of milk. QMilk mixes the casein with 100% natural and organic ingredients to make fibers. In itself not a new process, in 1935 an italian fashion brand offered milkwool, but it was not possible to produce the wool in an economical way. That has changed. QMilk optimized the processes in such a way that for 1 kg product only 2 liters of water is necessary. Compare that with cotton which needs 1000’s of liters.

The fibers are very smooth and seem to feel silky. Because of their smoothness they are even comfortable for people allergic to wool and cotton. The fibers can be used in undergarment, apparel, automotive and medical dressings.

And it doesn’t only come in milk white but in colors as well.

Designer: QMilk
Manufacturer: QMilk
Category: Fabric, fibres


Milk for a dress
QMILK fibers
the process ingredients
QMilk fibers
Milk for a dress
from QMILK

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