Mosstile to absorb humidity

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-08 08:42:53 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: In spaces that a humid like bathrooms and toilets. These tiles can absorb some of the humidity, no need for fertilizer or extra water, they don't even need light.


With Mosstile you can make a maintenance free vertical garden in your home. No need to water, give fertilizer or pruning. They don’t even need natural light. These tiles exist of a inert ecological resin based base with natural moss implanted. It stays stable with just a 50% humidity. Great for a stylish bathroom instead of mold :).

They come in tiles of 298×298mm. They are used for indoor use and you cannot walk on it so for vertical surfaces only. The tiles are fireproof and tested on European and Italian standards.

Available in 12 wicked colors.

Designer: Benettistone
Manufacturer: Benettistone
Category: Climate control


Bathroom with mosstile
Mosstile colors
by Benettistone

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