Transparent LED film, Lumisys

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-04-11 05:23:49 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: More efficient LED film.

transparent LED film

In 2005, Top Nanosys began their mission to manufacture low cost, transparent conducting films that were different from the rest. Through extensive research in Korea’s Ajou University and the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, the LED signboard they call Lumisys was formed.

The signboard is produced using a transparent flexible polymer sheet coated in a thin layer of carbon nanotubes – acting as wires – connecting the LED lights. The film is an alternative to the ITO coating used in other transparent LED films, making it much more efficient and less costly.

The lightweight LED-lit sheets can be used for POP displays, advertising, home appliance, architectural or interior designs. Being that it they are completely clear, the signage offers businesses and homes alike the opportunity to transmit information through technology without taking away from the design of the space. Clarity aside, the design of Lumisys by Top Nanosys won the LFI Innovation Award for the Best of Category – Specialty Luminaires at the Lightfair International show in 2008

Designer: Ajou Univercity
Manufacturer: Nanosys
Category: Transparent film, displays, LED film


transparent LED film
transparent LED film
By TOP Nanosys

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