Rhubarb tanned leather

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-19 03:31:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Sustainable production of leather. Made in Germany to keep an eye on quality and the environmental practices

Leather dying

Typical making leather is a dirty business with lot’s of water consumption and polluted waste water. Ecopell is making a leather with a smaller environmental impact. They produce in Germany and use german hides, a by-product of the meat industry to make the soft and smooth ecopell leather. The combination of traditional tanning and the most modern technologies gives them a chance to achieve both, with the highest possible protection of the environment.


The tanning of the hides is effected by the use of natriumbicarbonate (known as expanding agent for baking), extracts of the tara plant, the rhubarb and parts of other plants (cultivated raw material). About 80 to 85% of the tanning substances are bound to the fibres. The rest flows away with the used water to the water treatment station.

During all stages of production the main concern is to protect the environment as much as ever possible by using relevant processes, harmless raw materials and as few as possible from all resources and energy. That is why ecopell is produced in Germany under application of a strong law for environmental protection. Short transport ways help to use less energy, too.
For the processing of 1.000 kg raw hides (about 25 to 30 hides) to ecopell leather only 25 m3 of water are used. That is about half of what is necessary for other methods of tanning.

ecopell is produced in Germany under application of tough legislation for environmental protection.

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Manufacturer: Ecopell
Category: Eco-leather
Websites: www.bioleder.de


Leather dying
Leather dying

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