Upcycled cotton fabric turns into silky fibers

by: Mirjam Visser, 2015-11-10 07:44:04 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Upcyling of cotton fibers into even higher performance fibers not only prevents water thirsty cotton to end on the landfill but even increases the value by ending up in silk thin treads for higher performance textile. Half the CO2 eqv of competitors

Evrnu Process

Evrnu purifies cotton garment waste, converts it to a pulp, and extrudes it as a pristine new fiber for the creation of premium textiles. It is finer than silk and stronger than cotton. Evrnu gives an upgrade to something we already need and want – beautiful clothing – while cutting greenhouse gases in half compared to our best alternatives.

The Process

First, Evrnu strips dyes and other contaminants from cotton textile garment waste. Next they pulp the cotton, breaking it down to its constituent fiber molecules. These fibers are then recombined and extruded as a new pristine fiber, which can be engineered to custom specifications, diameters, and cross-sectional shapes.
This customization process allows Evrnu to engineer fibers that can create garments as soft as your go-to t-shirt or as durable as your favorite pair of jeans. And being able to cater to such a wide variety of performance expectations makes bio-based fibers not just good for the planet but an exciting field to be pioneering.

Evrnu makes a product that not only looks good, feels great, and holds color beautifully, but because it’s a solution that makes an integrated supply system possible.

They are rewarded with a runner up in the Green Challenge 2015

Designer: Evrnu
Manufacturer: Evrnu
Category: Upcycling
Websites: www.evrnu.com/technology/


Evrnu Process
Evrnu Process
by Evrnu

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