Water resistant recycled paper for outdoor use

by: Mirjam Visser, 2014-09-03 07:24:01 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Waterresistant material for outdoor use made from FSC recycled paper. No need to coat either on surface, edges or fastener holes. Weathers over time.

Redbull US HQ

RainShadow™ patinas over time and has an inherently natural look. The water-resistant material requires no sealing on the face, edges or fastener holes. With over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the industrial, marine, extreme sports and architectural markets, the through-color panels are durable, versatile and easy to maintain.
The color of the panels is the result of the combination of the paper color used and the color of the resin (Cured Phenol-formaldehyde). No dyes are added in the manufacturing process, they simply stack the different colors of paper prior to pressing to create this unique layered product. As they age, the colors darken, become richer, warmer and more dramatic. In general, color change is least noticeable in darker colors & more pronounced in lighter colors. The manufacturing process does not allow absolute control over the color of the final product. Slight variations between sheets will occur, but will lessen as they age.

The panels requires no sealing on the face, edges or fastener holes. The factory mill finish can be installed with little on-site work – just cut and fasten. Combine that with fast lead times and excellent support. Panels can be installed and cleaned with a pressure washer. No sealing or sanding of the face is required. For troubleshooting graffiti, try an acetone or alcohol-based cleaner based on the paint manufacturer’s recommendation. Hard to remove graffiti can be sanded out with the through-color panel. If severely damaged, simply flip or replace one sheet instead of tearing down an attire wall assembly.

Made with FSC® certified and post consumer waste paper content; may contribute to LEED® points, and manufactured with Waste-to-Energy technology.

Designer: Richlite
Manufacturer: Richlite
Category: Recylcled material
Websites: www.richlite.com/rainshadow/feature-and-benefits.html


Redbull US HQ
by Richlite

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